My coping kit. Most of the things here remind me of people I love as well as functioning in the intended way. This is honestly the most helpful thing in the world and I recommend it 10/10.


  1. Something to touch - Teddy from Jackson
  2. Something to hear - headphones to distract from background noise
  3. Something to see - Picture of Jackson and I in a frame from Kathryn
  4. Something to taste - mints (also help with mindfulness)
  5. Something to smell - body mist from Jenni


  • Where’s Wally activity book
  • Swiss Ball exercise book


  • Notes to self (goals, hopes, positive thoughts)
  • Card from 2012 musical theatre club (still makes me cry every time I read those words)
  • Silly card I got with my v-day flowers from Jackson

Emotional Awareness

  • Writing supplies with a notepad so I can write short bursts of thoughts down

Crisis Plan:

  • List of friends’ + family members’ numbers, lifeline + emergency numbers.

If you don’t already have one of these, click this link and make one. They’re useful for anyone. Overwhelmed with stress for school? Take half an hour to go through the steps. Rough day? Use this to comfort yourself and rationalise your feelings. Notepads and teddy bears don’t judge you like people will.

Good luck, kiddies!

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